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The Rolling Blackouts have been transforming Seattle nightclubs and lounges into juke-joints and honky-tonks since 1999.

The Rolling Blackouts feature Seattle native Tom Bennett’s original music inspired by lost love, broken trucks, and wanderlust. This original material tips a ten-gallon hat to the classic country music they cover.

The five-member band takes you through the swingin’ doors of the Country Music Hall of Fame. In addition to their original music, you’ll hear The Rolling Blackouts pass the microphone, reviving traditional country classics from George Jones to Bill Monroe and Hank Williams. They cover folk legends such as Bob Dylan, Townes Van Zandt, and John Prine, and alt-country artists Gillian Welch, Fred Eaglesmith, and Steve Earle.

The Rolling Blackouts perform at St. Cloud’s in Seattle’s Madrona neighborhood every Monday night, plus other Seattle hotspots and music festivals throughout the year. The Rolling Blackouts are also available for weddings and corporate events.